Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

One of my coaches used to say, ‘Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.’

Why don’t we like to change? Most of us want a happier, more exciting and luxurious life than we are currently experiencing. This could mean more money, better relationships, or improved health. We want everything but few of us actually take the steps to achieve it.
Many of us have a lot of limiting beliefs about change: Change is hard, it takes too long, it is uncomfortable, it is frightening, or I cant do it, I don’t have the skills, I am not good enough or I will do it later.

When we have these beliefs, we simply can’t and won’t change. We are locked into a ‘story’ of negativity around change that prevents us from ever taking full responsibility for our lives and actively going for what we want. If we choose to overcome these limiting beliefs, we see that none of them are actually true. Change can happen very quickly if we are very determined to achieve our goals and become a new person.

Change is uncomfortable and that is the real reason why we resist it. We are comfortable in what we know…our comfort zone. It is scary to go out and do the unfamiliar. But in order to go from where we are to where we want to be, we have to be willing to see what blocks us, which in and of itself can be uncomfortable. We also have to instill new habits and routines which can be uncomfortable as well.


But we can only change when we are willing to make mistakes, face the unknown , confront our fears and limitations and overcome our challenges. We have to be willing to give our best to reach our goal. For many of us, this is actually the most uncomfortable step and we resist to let go of our limiting beliefs although we know they don’t serve us anymore. There is no point in hanging on to pain, hurt and discomfort.

To embrace the new, you have to go through this uncomfortable and sometimes painful stage. We have to lose the ‘old’ us in order to recreate the ‘new’ us.
The good news is we all the potential to be successful and purposeful. It just takes lots of courage, determination and commitment to go through the process of change.
Having been through this process myself, I only know too well how uncomfortable and painful change can be. But what I gained and discovered after my transformation is truly awesome…I found my purpose.

When I take my clients through this uncomfortable process, I push and challenge them to face everything they have been resisting and repressing. I know how uncomfortable that process can be, so I give them all my support and encouragement

I see the process of change as:

Resistance, holding on, uncomfortable, confusion, transformation, integration and finally a new person.

While change is inherently uncomfortable, it also allows us to come fully alive! Do you have what it takes to go through the process of change and discover who you can really be?

The only thing to fear is fear itself!

The only thing to fear is fear itself!


Are you running away from your fears or you are facing and conquering them?

Everybody has fears and they are a natural and normal part of human experience. Fear is a useful emotion but it becomes a problem if it is blown out of proportion. Fear fills us with worry, doubt, and even dread. It is a very real emotion that can render us powerless. Every time fear wins, you lose. Every time you choose fear, you lose sight of your highest aspirations. You fall prey to being controlled by your history rather than rise to the future that you desire and deserve.

I have many clients who contact me because they have a fear that is holding them back and some of the most common fears are: Fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of public speaking, fear of spiders, fear of being ridiculed, fear of flying, fear of rejection, fear of commitment.

Last month, I had a client who contacted me as she thought she had a fear of failure. Upon questioning her in our first session, we actually found out that she had a fear of success! She was very surprised as she was working very hard on her business and she really wanted to become successful.

We then worked on what would happen when she becomes successful. It was a big discovery for her as she realised that success was not that daunting and she was ready to take on more responsibility in her business, become famous, have more clients, be in the spotlight and be asked for interviews!
Once she found out that her fear of success was not serving her anymore, she had the courage to release it. Her fear of success was holding her back.
Finally, we worked on empowering her to find all the resources that she needed to move forward to embrace success. She now has the confidence to accomplish anything and her business is flourishing.

How many times have you wanted to do something but fear stopped you?
How many times have you told yourself, “I can’t. I’m not good enough. I’m not courageous or confident enough?”
How many times have you felt yourself shrink?
How many times have you kept your mouth shut when you wanted to speak out?

Fear fills you with doubt, uncertainty, worry, anxiety and stress. The good news is you don’t have to confront your fears alone. Contact me to help you get rid of your fear that is holding you back and choose to empower yourself! I will help you:

• Identify the fear
• Confront the fear
• Overcome the fear
• And finally empower you to find all the resources you need to move forward.

By identifying and accepting your fears and know that they are not serving you anymore, you will be ready to release them and achieve your goals.
If you want to be at peace, be happy and have the confidence to move forward in life, then it is high time you get rid of your fears that are holding you back.

PS Although no name is mentioned, the client gave me permission to publish her story in my blog.